Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Memorial Day & Weekend

This past weekend one of my besties moved in with us, we own a 4 bedroom home and figured WTH, the room is just sitting there, might as well take advantage of it before we start having babies. Saturday my MIL and I went to the bay area, where I got to pick out granite for not one but two of my bathrooms (My present from her for my 30th, she pretty much is the most awesome MIL anyone could hope for.) Visited her Aunt Muggs, who I adore and may be the funniest person I've met, we lunched at Big Joe's it was delish! Sunday we went to brunch at Nena's on the waterfront (Michilada & chorizo w/eggs, homemade flour tortillas, delish...again!) with Joe's aunt and uncle who were visiting from Colorado. I ended up spending the day with them and their son Jordan, he's my fav. It was sad to say goodbye, tear.

Memorial Day we decided to host a BBQ at the park, we wanted to keep it easy peasy, which we did. SOmething we may want to do yearly. It was so much fun. The weather was kinda eh, but we had fun none the less. I got some great news from a friend but I can't share for a few weeks. Hope you enjoyed your Memorial day weekend and remembered what it was really all about.

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