Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Going Batty, June Gloom & CSD Day 1

The part about being a homeowner that sucks is when something goes wrong there is no landlord to call. We heard something in our attic, we thought it was birds, then we thought it was rats, gross I know now after the nice guys at Delk Pest Control came to take a look, it's BATS! I'm not sure which is worse rats or bats either we are hoping they'll be gone soon.

 The weather here (nor-cal) has been terrible. Rainy, overcast, rainy and now hair is getting so frizzy that I have my co-worker french braid it daily. Normally it is so warm June 1 that I start sweating away my winter weight, you know those unwanted 10 lbs. left over from Christmas and Thanksgiving. Anways I was thinking of a way to kick start my fitness so yesterday after surfing the net I got a wild hair up my you know what, and purchased all of the ingredient for the cabbage soup diet.

Today, Day 1- Eat as much of the "soup" and all of the fruits you would like (excluding bananas). Drink only water and unsweetened tea...I GOT THIS!

Happy Wednesday!

Oh and I am still completely addicted to pinning!

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